Regretting Your Tattoo? Remove it with Advanced Laser Techniques

Laser tattoo removal can be effective when a properly trained physician or technician performs the procedure. However, the power of these lasers can also cause discomfort during treatment.

Spas and specialty businesses that do tattoo removal typically recommend over-the-counter medication or use numbing agents, but for many patients, these measures just aren’t enough.

It’s one of several reasons to consider Myers Plastic Surgery for your tattoo removal. As a board-certified physician and plastic surgeon, Dr. Myers can use a lidocaine block to prevent pain much more effectively than with a numbing cream alone.

Since tattoo removal may take place over a series of appointments, working with Myers Plastic Surgery can save you weeks of discomfort. Also, as an established surgical practice, you can have confidence in our medical expertise, follow-up support, and accountability in your treatment.

Patients rely on Myers Plastic surgery for a safe, predictable, and more comfortable experience. We use a standard of care and medical protocols in every procedure, and we provide follow-up visits to help patients achieve their goals and avoid complications.

To become more familiar with our work, we invite you to come for a free consultation. Visit our practice, and Dr. Myers can advise you about the capabilities of laser tattoo removal and the type of results that you can expect.

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