Return Your Earlobes Back to Normal

Many young adults find that they have difficulty securing jobs or joining the armed forces with stretched out or gauged earlobes. That is why Dr. Wesley Myers is proud to offer earlobe repair surgery.

Earlobe repair is an in office procedure performed on patients with:

  • Elongated
  • Torn
  • Gauged (stretched) earlobes

After several years of wearing heavy earrings the ear piercing itself can become elongated or stretched out. Patients often complain that they can see light through their ear piercings even when wearing earrings. Occasionally ear piercings get caught on clothing or furniture and the earlobe itself is torn completely. Similarly, gauged earlobes that have been purposefully stretched in increments can also be repaired.


Patients have tried shrinking their stretched earlobes with everything from jojoba oil, vitamin E, and even hemorrhoid cream. Once the dermis has been stretched, no amount of topical lotion or earlobe massage will shrink a stretched out earlobe.

If you’re ready to return your ears back to normal and meet with Dr. Myers for your free consultation, call (936) 483-8555 or fill out the contact form. 

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