While it’s rare, both saline and silicone implants can rupture and require The Woodlands women to get a breast revision (basically, swapping out the ruptured implant for a new one). In some cases, it may be extremely obvious that your implant has ruptured. In others, not so much. Here are 3 signs that you are […]

Many women who live in The Woodlands area are unhappy with the natural size of their small breasts. Whether they have never felt like they fully developed after puberty, or they feel as though they lost the large volume they used to have after pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is common for women to feel this […]

Women in The Woodlands who are thinking about getting breast enlargement surgery soon have likely done their own research. Any time people go through a surgical procedure, they want to know exactly what to expect throughout the process. However, the downfall of doing online research is it’s difficult to separate the facts from the myths. […]

Every patient in The Woodlands is always eager to see their new body after getting a tummy tuck. Getting rid of the extra skin in the abdominal area can quickly boost self-confidence and make anyone feel better when they look in the mirror. However, as effective as a tummy tuck procedure is, there are some […]

One of the common concerns many patients in The Woodlands have about liposuction is whether the procedure will come with any consequences. The truth is liposuction has been a reliable procedure for many years and has produced phenomenal results for patients. As with any surgical procedure requiring an incision, scarring can occur. However, since the […]