Known around the world, liposuction is a pretty common choice for patients who seek cosmetic enhancements. Also known as lipoplasty, the procedure sucks fat from targeted areas of the body to create a desired physique. Because you can choose specific areas of your body, patients in The Woodlands typically choose this cosmetic surgery when opting […]

When deciding to get liposuction, there can be a lot of factors that come into play. Depending on your desired physique and what you ultimately want, you might be considering liposuction. There are a lot of added benefits to the surgery including both physical and mental advantages. Most patients know that it can help get […]

If you’ve been thinking about enhancing your physical features, you might have considered a number of cosmetic surgeries. Tummy tucks, breast augmentations, and facelifts are all aesthetic surgeries that can change the way you look. When it comes to sculpting your body, there is one surgery in particular that is a common choice: liposuction. Liposuction […]

After getting a tummy tuck, it’s natural to have some weight loss. Because tummy tucks focus on removing unnecessary fat from your stomach, you’ll see sculpted results and may also shed a couple of pounds from the surgery. At Myers Plastic Surgery, Dr. Myers offers tummy tucks for patients seeking a slimmer figure. Whether it’s […]

Getting breast implants is a serious decision. When choosing breast augmentation, one of the biggest concerns that women in The Woodlands have are about how to get natural looking implants. Many patients typically want fuller, larger breasts without making the change seem too artificial or fake. Breast implants are meant to alter and improve your […]