Not in the mood tonight? Or the past month? Or, if you’re honest with yourself, maybe not for a very long time. And, perhaps you have never truly had much interest in sex. Don’t feel alone; many women suffer from a lack of libido. Do you know that there is a direct linkage between a […]

Wow! You’ve had such an exciting day. You are eager to rush home to your partner and discuss the whole experience and what your results will look like a few days from now. You probably listened to Dr. Myers intently about what you can, and cannot do after getting Botox. Including how long you should […]

It isn’t always about doing something that can speed up your results, but NOT doing certain activities which can slow down or alter the outcome. Millions of people a year have Botox injections because it is a non-invasive, relatively inexpensive procedure that requires minimal downtime. Dr. Myers treats patients in The Woodlands who want a […]

Women who have never felt “less-than,” inadequate, or embarrassed about their breasts won’t relate to this at all. When they try on a new top or a pretty bra in the dressing room, they’re only concerned with the color or price. The good news for women in The Woodlands who are unhappy with their breasts […]

Botox isn’t just for your Mom anymore! And it certainly isn’t reserved just for the young men and women walking the runways in New York City or the reality stars in Los Angeles. No, Botox is so safe and well-studied that people, young – and not so young – are having it done. 20-something’s who […]