Have you started noticing horizontal rings around your neck beginning to form? Or have these indented wrinkles, commonly referred to as necklace lines, become so deep and prominent that they are beginning to affect your confidence? If so, Botox is a noninvasive treatment that can help patients in The Woodlands regain a smoother, more youthful […]

If your interested in having breast enhancement surgery but are worried that you may have to exchange the sensitivity in your nipples to get the gorgeous, voluptuous breasts of your dreams we would like to explain more about the surgery and why it is extremely unlikely that you will have permanent loss of nipple sensitivity. […]

If you think you know everything that there is to know about Botox – get ready to learn some exciting news about this incredible product! For many years millions of Americans have chosen Botox injections to smooth out their unwanted wrinkles because it’s been proven to work brilliantly. Patients in The Woodlands who want to […]

If you looked at anyone’s baby picture taken 60 years ago and compared it to their face today you certainly wouldn’t see a perfect little up-turned nose in their current photo – just the idea sounds silly. Some residents in The Woodlands may have started wondering if, in fact, their nose has grown larger over […]

Usually, by the time people who live in The Woodlands begin to consider Botox as a means of stopping the progression of existing wrinkles they’ve already accumulated many years worth of lines on their faces. And, although Botox does temporarily improve the look of the wrinkles they already have, it can’t erase them. But today […]