Conroe Lipo: Choosing the Right Doctor

Conroe lipo offers patients a more attractive silhouette by eliminating stubborn pockets of fatty tissue from their body. Liposuction is a surgical procedure, and the patient outcomes differ based on a variety of factors. One of the most important is the doctor that patients choose.

Dr. Wesley Myers is a Conroe lipo doctor and plastic surgeon. Below, he offers his advice on the criteria that patients should look for in selecting their surgical provider.


A great predictor of results is the knowledge your surgeon has and his years of experience performing surgery. The doctor should have conducted hundreds of liposuction surgeries. He should maintain board certification specific to plastic surgery, be a member of professional organizations, and focus on continuing education and skill development.

Doctors with both a depth and breadth of experience can support you by drawing on experience from many different types of procedures. Dr. Myers, for example, serves patients with facelifts, breast augmentations, and more specialized procedures like Conroe male breast reduction. Patients often seek to combine plastic surgery procedures so that they have one recovery instead of several.

Standard of Care

If you are considering Conroe lipo, you may be focused on the results: a slimmer, more attractive physique. However, it’s just as important to think about the experience you will have from start to finish with your doctor.

In your initial consultation, your surgeon should emphasize a high standard of care. He should lay the groundwork for a successful procedure by conducting a thorough general examination and by ensuring that you are a good candidate. Typically, this includes talking with you about your medical history, conducting labs, and collecting all of the information he / she needs to provide for your safety.

Standard of care extends to your recovery as well. Your surgeon should be there for you to track your progress, to help you heal as fast as possible, and to respond to any concerns you have. Accessibility is key: your doctor should be available when you need him or her, especially for emergencies.

Attention to Detail

The Conroe lipo surgeon you choose should understand your goals and work to achieve them. Each patient has different needs and expectations, and the only way to conduct a successful surgery is by knowing these and planning a procedure suited to them.

In your surgery, your doctor should pay attention to each detail: how the operating area looks, how the outcome matches to your goals, and how the surgery fits in proportion to the rest of your body. He should also work gently as well as efficiently. A careful approach can help patients recover more quickly and experience less pain after surgery.

Patients choose our practice because Dr. Wesley Myers meets or exceeds these criteria as a knowledgeable, committed, and attentive surgeon. To explore his lipo procedure, call our Conroe offices at (936) 539-8115 for a free consultation.