What to Expect Following a Conroe Nose Job

For patients in Conroe, nose job surgery can be the first step to breathing easier and achieving an improved appearance. However, patients should understand the road ahead, including potential outcomes and the recovery for their procedure.

Dr. Wesley Myers offers precision, high-quality plastic surgeries, including Conroe eyelid surgery, facelift procedures, and rhinoplasty. Here, he offers advice on what to expect in your treatment.

Setting Expectations and Planning Ahead

Before any procedure with Myers Plastic Surgery, you will have the opportunity to participate in a patient appointment. During this medical visit, Dr. Myers will listen to your goals, discuss the surgery, and outline the likely outcomes as well as risks involved.

Conroe nose job patients receive a surgical plan designed for their individual needs. Dr. Myers can explain how your plan may affect the length of your recovery. He also provides detailed instructions for taking care of yourself after surgery. Providing you with the information you need lets you prepare better for the recovery process.

Immediately after Your Procedure

You will meet with Dr. Myers at our practice the day after surgery. He will check on your progress and provide any additional care you need. At this point:

  • Expect to feel tired. This can last for several days after a procedure.
  • Your nose will be swollen, bruised, and numb. This may continue for a month or longer.
  • You will have nasal packing for a few days, and you will be on antibiotics as well as pain medication. You will also wear a splint that helps to protect your nose as it heals.

In the Early Stages of Recovery

Most Conroe nose job patients start to see the results of their procedure after the first two weeks. It’s important to remember that your nose will likely be swollen for some time and that its appearance may change gradually as this swelling goes down.

Dr. Myers recommends restricted activities for patients during the healing process. Hitting or rubbing your nose can alter the results, so patients need to take a lot of care. Conroe patients should also wear contact lenses instead of glasses because the latter puts pressure on the area of the nose job.

You will have ongoing appointments with Dr. Myers over the weeks and months after surgery. He will advise you when you can remove wraps and take part in certain activities.

After One Year

During the year after your surgery, you may notice subtle changes in your appearance. While most of the swelling will have gone down right after your procedure, it can take as long as twelve months for all of it to disappear. You may find that swelling is more significant in the morning but reduced later in the day.

Somewhere between six and twelve months, you will achieve the final result of your nose job. Conroe patients should recognize the benefits of their surgery even sooner, especially if the goal of their procedure was to correct a deviated septum and improve the flow of air as they breathe.

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