Can My Dorsal Hump Be Corrected?

March 7th, 2016

can-my-dorsal-hump-be-correctedA dorsal hump is a bump on the bridge of your nose. It can be made up of cartilage, bone, or a combination of both. Whether your dorsal hump is prominent or subtle, The Woodlands rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Myers can correct this for you.

Bone and Cartilage Removal

The upper portion – or upper third – of the bridge of your nose is made of bone. If this is the section of your nose that is raised, Dr. Myers can perform a rhinoplasty to remove the excess bone. If the middle and/or lower section of the nose is where you have a dorsal hump, there is cartilage that will need to be trimmed.

Of course, most dorsal humps are a combination of both excess bone and cartilage from the top to the middle of the nose. In this case, Dr. Myers will need to shave down some cartilage as well as remove excess bone during a rhinoplasty.

The most important part of your rhinoplasty consultation will be determining how much excess bone and cartilage should be removed to achieve your desired results. Do you want to retain some of the raised appearance because it will retain the look of your family traits or ethnicity? Or do you simply prefer that the bridge of your nose remain slightly fuller? Or do you wish to have a complete reduction?

How Will My Skin Look After Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Myers’ rhinoplasty patients have the benefit of his experience and artful approach. The doctor will make sure that your skin is re-draped beautifully after your procedure. Whenever possible, incisions are made inside the nose to hide any evidence of surgery on your skin.

The procedure to correct your dorsal hump is not as simple as removing every bit of excess cartilage and bone. It is crucial that the doctor is able to re-drape your skin to look just right after your treatment. Some patients have thicker skin and will need to keep some of the bone and cartilage to support the skin and prevent your nose from looking odd in any way.

Overall, The Woodlands rhinoplasty patients experience an extremely reduced dorsal hump – if not a complete removal. Dr. Myers has before and after photos with examples of dorsal hump correction via rhinoplasty. You can see that his artistry has helped many patients achieve natural looking results.

Contact Dr. Wesley T. Myers to schedule a consultation for dorsal hump removal with a rhinoplasty procedure.