Can You Repair My Earlobes After Having Plugs?

September 16th, 2015

In a perfect world, everyone would be accepted just as they are; personal expressions of style would be openly embraced as part of the beauty of diversity. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and some expressions can be off-putting to others and stand in the way of things you want in life.

Earlobe Repair in The Woodlands

Earlobe plugs have become a popular means of self-expression in today’s culture, but many are finding they aren’t as readily accepted as they would have hoped. If you’re among this group, you may have already encountered difficulty in securing a job. Many positions prohibit wearing plugs while on duty, and others won’t even consider you for employment with stretched earlobes. Thankfully, stretched earlobes don’t have to limit your opportunities any longer. The Woodlands earlobe repair expert Dr. Wesley T. Myers is proud to offer repair surgery to get your lobes back to normal again.

Help for Damaged Earlobes

The earlobe repair procedure offered by Dr. Myers is an effective solution for a number of earlobe problems like:

  • Elongation: years of wearing heavy earrings can cause the earlobes to stretch and elongate your earlobes, thinning the tissue and, in some cases, make it appear translucent.
  • Tears: sometimes, earlobes can be torn when earrings get caught on furniture or clothing and you turn your head quickly, unaware of the problem. This can happen more easily with earlobes that have elongated.
  • Gauging: gauged earlobes are those that have been stretched incrementally over time for the purpose of inserting plugs. Once stretched beyond 1.5cm, earlobes won’t spring back to their original shape unassisted.

Before turning to surgery, patients often try any number of home remedies like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and even hemorrhoid cream in efforts to shrink stretched lobes back to normal, but topical solutions simply aren’t able to accomplish this. If damaged earlobes are getting in the way of your goals, schedule a consultation today. Dr. Myers will assess your specific situation and needs and find the solution that’s best for you.

Are stretched lobes getting in the way of your goals? The Woodlands earlobe repair expert Dr. Wesley T. Myers can help. Call us today at 936.539.8115 for your consultation.