Conroe Abdominoplasty: Cost and Recovery

Dr. Wesley Myers offers high-quality plastic surgery procedures to patients in Conroe. Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, is one of the most common that he performs. As a result, he has helped counsel many patients about what to expect in their treatment.

If you are considering contouring your midsection with the help of plastic surgery, it’s important to know about the expense and the care you will require. Here, Dr. Myers offers an overview of both considerations.

The Cost of Conroe Abdominoplasty

Typically, patients are insulated from the expense of medical procedures thanks to insurance. However, most health insurers exclude coverage for cosmetic operations, such as a Conroe nose job. Abdominoplasty and complications that might occur from surgery are generally not covered either. Carefully review your insurance before you move forward.

Dr. Myers advises patients that his tummy tuck procedures includes his fee, the facility fee, and anesthesia. However, your overall cost may be higher because Dr. Myers tailors each procedure to the needs of the patient. He will design your individualized plan to prioritize your health and safety.

This is an important distinction for Conroe patients to make. Abdominoplasty is not something you should shop for on the basis of cost alone because that assumes that all procedures are equal. Instead:

  • Find a surgeon who is knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled.
  • Work with a medical team that offers excellent, consistent results.
  • Choose a practice that will support you at every step in your experience.

Selecting the right provider can help you avoid medical complications, corrective procedures, and a longer recovery, all of which have their own financial toll.


Before your abdominoplasty, Myers Plastic Surgery will provide extensive instructions for aiding in your recovery. Abdominoplasty can be performed on an outpatient basis in Conroe. This means that you go home the same day as surgery. However, you will need someone to drive you home from the procedure and to stay with you through the evening in case you need help.

The day after the procedure, Dr. Myers meets with you to check on your progress and to respond to any questions you have. You will probably feel somewhat tired and sore for several days, and your abdomen may remain swollen and numb for a month or longer.

Most patients want to know when they can return to work. You will most likely be able to go back to your job within a few weeks. Dr. Myers advises Conroe abdominoplasty patients to avoid strenuous activities to allow their body time to heal.

Over the weeks and months that follow, Dr. Myers will continue to monitor your progress and help you in your recovery. This commitment to your well-being is one of the reasons that patients choose him for their procedure.

The expense and recovery from your surgery are two important factors to consider, but they aren’t the only relevant issues. To get a complete overview of Conroe abdominoplasty, call Myers Plastic Surgery: (936) 539-8115.