How Long After Liposuction Will There Be Pain and Swelling?

September 25th, 2017

Liposuction the woodlandsIf you’re thinking about getting liposuction in The Woodlands, you may have a couple of questions about the procedure. It’s common to wonder about the surgery, how it works, and its effectiveness. Most prospective patients research this information so that they’re comfortable with their decision. One of the most frequent questions Dr. Myers receives is about the process of recovery after liposuction. Will the surgery be painful? How long will the swelling last? These are frequently asked questions that a lot of patients in The Woodlands have.

At Myers Plastic Surgery, we want to prioritize your comfort, safety, and confidence when getting any procedure. If you’re a The Woodlands patient considering liposuction, we suggest educating yourself about what the recovery process is like, as it’s a common concern for most patients. It’s important to know what you’re getting into and how much time you may need to take off work, as well as how long it may be before you can resume your normal lifestyle. In this post, we have outlined some of the main aspects of what recovery will be like after getting liposuction.

The Recovery Process of Liposuction

Luckily, liposuction recovery isn’t as long as some other procedures. Most of Dr. Myer’s patients in The Woodlands experience a typical recovery time and are back on their feet within two days. Because of the short recovery time this surgery is popular among patients looking to contour their bodies. Usually, the recovery simply requires a compression garment for the area where liposuction was performed. This helps give a more even appearance to the areas that have been treated during your procedure. Typically, you use the garment for approximately only a month. That’s why liposuction is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to see fast, effective results with a short recovery time.

Will It Be A Painful Experience?

The recovery experience for patients in The Woodlands is typically bearable, although there is some pain. It’s normal that you experience a bit of swelling and/or bruising of the areas that were treated with liposuction. Of course, swelling and bruising will lead to a bit of discomfort. There is virtually no surgery that is completely painless. But, typically, there is only minor pain following this procedure. If for some reason you are experiencing a significant amount of pain after surgery, you should contact your doctor immediately.

When Will the Swelling Go Down?

The swelling can last for a couple of weeks or even months after surgery. Roughly, about 70% of swelling will be gone within the first month. The remainder can take up to approximately a year before it is fully healed. To help speed up the recovery process, wearing your compression garment can help the swelling resolve quicker.

If you are wondering more about liposuction and its effects after surgery, call our office for more information. For patients in The Woodlands, Dr. Myers can help schedule a consultation or answer any questions you may have.