Will Liposuction Reduce My Dress Size?

August 21st, 2017

Liposuction the woodlandsWhen it comes to clothing, most women are usually seeking a way to drop dress sizes to have a better fit. Even with proper exercise, it can be hard for patients in The Woodlands to lose stubborn fat in certain areas of their body. There is a way to get rid of excess fat that doesn’t require strict training and dieting. Liposuction is a popular choice for this issue. At Myers Plastic Surgery, we offer liposuction surgery for patients in The Woodlands seeking to trim areas of fat that are unwanted.

How Liposuction Can Give You a Better Fit?

If you’re thinking about changing the shape of your body, this procedure can be a viable option for you. You may be hoping that the surgery can help you drop a couple dress sizes. Undergoing liposuction surgery by Dr. Myers can help provide a better fit by altering the shape of your body and contouring your physique. In turn, this can make your clothing have a better fit  on your body. Patients in The Woodlands that receive liposuction will see that their clothing fits and looks better, providing a great sense of satisfaction about their appearance.

How Many Dress Sizes Could I Drop Down?

Although liposuction is not typically seen as a weight-loss surgery, it can help you drop down a dress size. Depending on which areas of your body are being treated, the amount of fat that can be removed varies. If you are already close to your next size down, it’s likely that after the surgery you will be in that size range. Ultimately, the most you can lose with liposuction is likely to be about two dress sizes, which is a significant change. This is why so many patients in The Woodlands choose liposuction to help enhance their body shape.

How to Maintain Your Lower Size

After getting liposuction and dropping a dress size or two, it’s important to maintain that fit. After surgery, patients in The Woodlands typically feel and look better with their current wardrobe. Most patients feel that their clothes drape onto their bodies in a more appealing way. It’s essential for patients to know that if they put on some weight gain, it can affect the results of your liposuction leading to an increase in your dress size.

Many people are unaware that after liposuction you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet in order to keep the results of their surgery in effect. It’s essential to remember that you have to take care of your body by exercising regularly and eating healthy in order to keep your results intact. The best thing that patients can do once they’ve healed from the surgery is to keep up with healthy habits to maintain their slim, contoured appearance.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get rid of excess fat and drop down a size or two, consider liposuction as a solution. Patients in The Woodlands can learn more about the procedure and how it can help by calling Myers Plastic Surgery today!