3 Tips for Breast Augmentation Aftercare

August 24th, 2018

The Woodlands Breast AugmentationA common question many women in The Woodlands have about breast augmentation is what they have to do after surgery. This is a very valid and important question to know the answer to before undergoing the breast augmentation. Most women will be back to work within one week or so, even if the body is still going through the recovery process. However, it’s critical to listen to the recommendations provided by Dr. Myers following the procedure, as every patient is different. Here are three tips to consider for breast augmentation aftercare.

Have a Trusted Person Help Out

When the breast augmentation procedure is scheduled, start making arrangements to have another adult at the house to help out. This is especially true if children or pets live in the house as well. Women in The Woodlands usually feel like they can do everything as normal a day or two after their breast augmentation, but Dr. Myers still recommends taking it easy. This means not doing any heavy lifting, strenuous cleaning and more. Having another person at the house, even if it’s just checking in a few times each day, will go a long way to help the recovery process go smoothly.

Rest As Much As Possible

Before the breast augmentation procedure, many women in The Woodlands will ensure they have nice clean sheets on the bed, plenty of pillows to prop themselves up and a variety of movies and other forms of entertainment. Dr. Myers wants his patients to rest as much as possible, especially in the first few days following the breast augmentation. The body needs rest even if it sometimes feels like it’s completely rested, so refrain from getting up and cooking, cleaning, taking the dog for a walk and other normal activities. Take advantage of the time alone and enjoy the peace and quiet in the comfort of your bed or couch.

Follow the Doctor’s Recommendations

Every patient in The Woodlands is different, so Dr. Myers’ aftercare recommendations may differ slightly among them. Be sure to follow his plan closely, as the recommendations he makes are tailored specifically to how the breast augmentation procedure went, the individual patient’s medical history and more. Dr. Myers not only wants every one of his patients to recover quickly but also in the safest way possible for both their short-term and long-term health. It’s essential that every patient listens to their body and reaches out to Dr. Myers if any questions arise about the aftercare process.

At Myers Plastic Surgery, we believe every woman in The Woodlands deserves to look and feel their best. No matter the reason for getting a breast augmentation, we strive to turn every patient’s vision into a reality. Dr. Myers is the best at what he does because he makes a genuine effort to relate to his patients, so he knows exactly what their goals and expectations are.

If you have any questions about getting a breast augmentation or what to do afterward, contact us by calling (936) 539-8115 today to schedule a consultation.