After Rhinoplasty, Is Asymmetry Normal?

February 3rd, 2016

asymmetry-after-rhinoplastyThe Woodlands Rhinoplasty patients often ask Dr. Myers about asymmetry during their initial consultation. You may also wonder if your nose will appear asymmetrical following your procedure, and if this is something to be concerned about, or if it is perfectly normal.

Swelling After Your Procedure

As with any surgical procedure, tenderness and swelling will be present after your rhinoplasty. Because you will not experience this swelling exactly the same on each side, asymmetry after rhinoplasty is normal.

You may experience swelling or a change of shape in your nostrils as well as the sides and bridge of your nose following your procedure. It will take about two weeks to see the initial results of your rhinoplasty after enough of the swelling has gone down. However, it is still too early at this point to know what elements of asymmetry are going to remain long term. The Woodlands rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Wesley T. Myers’ artistry and experience will ensure a desirable final result.

Of course, the doctor will give you complete post-surgical instructions to help minimize asymmetry from swelling. Instructions will include wearing contacts instead of glasses to avoid pressing on the bridge of the nose, and being sure to avoid rubbing your nose as these can alter the results of your procedure.

Does Perfect Nose Symmetry Exist?

Perfect face or nose symmetry is really a myth. Every person has slight differences on each side of their face which make perfect symmetry impossible. Even with plastic surgery, perfect symmetry is not really an attainable goal, nor should it be your desired goal.

A slight asymmetry of the nose is natural. Of course, an obvious asymmetry is something that would cause you to be unhappy with your rhinoplasty results. Dr. Myers will ensure that your desired results are discussed during your consultation. He will also go over setting your expectations, and how soon you will see your results fully realized.

Seeing Results Gradually Over Time

While you will begin to see initial results after about two weeks, it can take up to twelve months to see your complete results. You will see subtle changes over time. This includes swelling gradually going down, and any noticeable asymmetry fading.

On average, seeing the final results of your rhinoplasty will occur between six and twelve months after surgery. Some swelling can remain during this time, and can even be more or less depending on the time of day. For example, you may see more swelling after sleeping, and less throughout the day.

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