Are Droopy Eyelids Normal After Botox/Dysport?

February 11th, 2016

are-droopy-eyelids-normal-after-botox-dysportBotox and Dysport are widely known for their ability to combat the fine lines and wrinkles brought on by aging. These treatments provide physicians with the ability to address frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and other similar conditions in a safe, cost-effective, and non-surgical manner. But what about cases where the results of these treatments have been less than ideal?

Drooping eyelids are one of the tell-tale signs of advanced age – exactly the sort of thing Botox and Dysport are supposed to help remedy. Or are they?

Botox & Dysport vs. Blepharoplasty

While Botox and Dysport have been proven to be very effective in the treatment of many signs of aging, they aren’t the answer for everything. Honest consideration of what you’re trying to accomplish must be given when assessing the suitability of Dysport and Botox. The Woodlands patients sometimes consider them as a substitute to blepharoplasty for the treatment of drooping eyelids but wrongfully so. Let’s have a look at the differences in these procedures:

Botox/Dysport: Both of these treatments employ a mild form of neurotoxin that paralyzes the muscles responsible for creating age lines. In the case of drooping eyelids, inducing paralysis in the muscles around the eyelids is actually likely to make the problem worse, as it will loosen rather than tighten the skin.

Blepharoplasty: This treatment is specifically targeted at the removal of excess fat and skin in the upper and lower eyelids that can cause puffiness and drooping. It is, however, a surgical procedure as opposed to Botox and Dysport, which are non-surgical in nature – one possible reason people sometimes seek to use them in place of blepharoplasty.

Technique Matters

When properly applied, Botox and Dysport should not cause drooping in the eyelids. This, however, can be largely dependent on the technique of the person administering it. When applied in excess or in less than ideal locations, Botox and Dysport can spread to undesired areas, such as the eyelids, causing drooping. Don’t trust your care to the lowest bidder – place yourself in the hands of an expert. Contact Dr. Myers and schedule your consultation today.

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