Non-Surgical Procedures

Dr. Myers knows it can be frustrating when you have to cancel an appointment. Whether it’s due to unexpected circumstances or simply a change in plans, canceling your appointment can disrupt your day and make it difficult to get the care you need. However, many doctors have a cancellation fee in place to protect their […]

Micro Laser Peels are a very popular cosmetic treatment for Woodlands patients. The treatment can drastically improve your looks by tightening your skin and making it look fresh and brand new. While it’s typically known that micro laser peels can make you look and feel better, some Woodlands patients struggle to understand what the peel […]

The Woodlands patients looking to rejuvenate their skin often seek out Micro Laser Peel as a treatment. The reason for this is because it’s a popular solution for people who want a refreshed, youthful look. While there are other home remedies or face masks that are sometimes tried, a Micro Laser Peel is considered one […]

When choosing a peel for your face, it’s important to know which type is right for you. Depending on your skin type, skin texture, and other factors; certain peels could have better effects than others. Woodlands patients come to Dr. Myers with an idea about getting a peel, but often have questions about which one […]