How Long Do Micro Laser Peel Results Last?

October 3rd, 2016

laserpeels1The Woodlands patients looking to rejuvenate their skin often seek out Micro Laser Peel as a treatment. The reason for this is because it’s a popular solution for people who want a refreshed, youthful look. While there are other home remedies or face masks that are sometimes tried, a Micro Laser Peel is considered one of the most effective, long-lasting ways to freshen up your skin and tighten up your skin’s layers. Woodlands residents looking for this kind of treatment should come to Dr. Myers for advice on how to achieve this look. With his expertise and experience in this field, he can help guide anyone with concerns or questions about Micro Laser Peel.

For instance, one of the more common concerns about the treatment is its effects and durability. Woodlands patients often question how long the results will actually last, which is a standard question for people considering the treatment. Patients usually choose Micro Laser Peels because they want a different aesthetic for their face. However, when deciding whether or not to get a peel, it’s normal to question whether or not that look will last through time. Because this question pops up so much, it’s important to know this kind of information for anyone considering a Micro Laser Peel. At Myers Plastic Surgery, we’ve come up with some need-to-know information about the process so that you can feel more confident in making your decision.

Lasting Results

After Woodlands patients have their Micro Laser Peel, it takes 48-72 hours for peeling and flaking to occur. As this process happens, there’s a bit of a recovery time that patients have to endure. However, after the recovery process has passed, your results from the laser peel should be visible and leave your face feeling refreshed and new. Because this process includes tightening your skin and removing layers of skin, it results in a long-lasting effect. Depending on what you want your overall aesthetic to be, you might need to have a couple of treatments to achieve your overall desired effect. But after that, your results from the peel should be sustainable for quite some time.

How to Make Your Micro Laser Peel Last

Although the procedure will provide the results you want, there are special instructions to follow afterward. To have a safe and fast recovery as well as lasting results, it’s necessary to care for your skin afterward. After Woodlands patients receive their Micro Laser Peel, they should gently clean their skin twice per day with lukewarm water. Also, patients are advised to use a lipid free cleanser as well. Taking special care of your skin will help to ensure that your face heals properly and quickly. With the right attention and cleaning routines, your face will shine radiantly after your Micro Laser Peel.

Overall, the goal of the procedure is to leave you feeling youthful, refreshed and beautiful. The purpose of the treatment is to keep you feeling and looking energized. With Dr. Myers help, your care will be specifically catered to you and your needs.

If you’re considering the Micro Laser Peel, Myers Plastic Surgery today in Woodlands to schedule your appointment!