How Many Botox Injections Units Do I Need to Treat My Frown Lines?

October 24th, 2016

frowlinesBotox is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries that patients get to improve their appearance. Whether you’re looking for a younger, more aesthetically pleasing appearance or trying to get rid of some wrinkles; Botox injection in the Woodlands is a pretty popular solution for patients. As a rule of thumb, most people want to get rid of facial lines when receiving Botox. The point of the procedure is to help perfect your face and make your skin look more vibrant and smooth. It’s no secret that the surgery has become increasingly known for getting rid of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other issues. This is why a lot of patients seek out Botox injection in the Woodlands to fix these problems.

However, one of the features that patients ask Dr. Myers about most frequently are frown lines. Frown lines are caused naturally over time, although some patients are more prone to having these facial lines than others. While it depends on genetic and lifestyle factors, frown lines are usually displeasing to those that have them. This is why so many patients look for a solution to frown lines, such as Botox.

How Does Botox Help?

Botox is used for many different aesthetic reasons. For patients, Botox injection in the Woodlands helps get rid of neck wrinkles, crow’s feet, forehead expression lines, and of course, frown lines. Frown lines are the wrinkles in between your eyebrows that furrow and can cause you to look much older than your actual age. What Botox does is inject botulinum toxin into the muscle where the facial line is to cause temporary paralysis. Afterward, the result is a smoother forehead which is rid of any excess frown lines. The muscle-relaxing agent blocks your muscle’s nerve impulses which result in a more natural, refreshed appearance. This is why Botox injections are so popular for patients seeking to fix any unwanted wrinkles on their face.

How Many Botox Injections Are Needed for Frown Lines?

While Botox does help succeed in getting rid of frown lines, it’s important to know how much Botox is needed to fix this problem. Botox injections are measured in units that are unique to Botox treatments specifically. The units signify the strength of the Botox–for example, 10 units of Botox would be stronger than 5 units. Depending on what facial line or wrinkle you are trying to remove, the Woodlands plastic surgeon, Dr. Myers will use a different amount of units. Typically, the recommended units for forehead or frown lines ranges from 6-15 units. Other areas of your face may require more or less units depending on what your plastic surgeon recommends.

Talking with Your Plastic Surgeon

Knowing the recommended amount of Botox for your specific treatment is always important. However, we always recommend talking with your plastic surgeon about your treatment first. Every patient is different and at Myers Plastic Surgery, we treat everyone based on their individual needs. While 6-15 units are usually normal for frown lines, depending on the Woodlands patient, the units could vary and be quite different. It’s always best to make sure and double check with Dr. Myers if you’re having any questions or concerns about your Botox. If you’re considering any major cosmetic surgery, you should feel confident and comfortable with your procedure, and that involves knowing all of the information.

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