How Many Treatments does it take for a Tattoo to be Completely Removed?

July 13th, 2014

It is difficult to predict the number of treatment sessions that are required for tattoo removal. Tattoo removal involves multiple treatment sessions. The initial treatment sessions usually produce a more dramatic result than subsequent sessions. The closer the pigment is to the surface and if there is a smaller volume of the pigment within the skin, then fewer treatments may be necessary. An average of 5 treatments is common. These treatment sessions are separated by 8 weeks. Tattoo removal is not without risk. Patients are counseled that scarring may occur, colors may not lighten sufficiently, and occasionally colors that contain iron oxide such as flesh-tone, red, and white inks might paradoxically darken. If the tattoo was painful when it was applied then it will be uncomfortable during the removal process. Local anesthetic blocks can be performed to lessen the pain associated with tattoo removal.