How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon in Conroe or The Woodlands

July 20th, 2014

The most important consideration when choosing a plastic surgeon is the doctor-patient relationship. You need to feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon and know that he has your best interest at heart. Second, it is important that you choose a board certified plastic surgeon. Do not base your decision on location of the practice. My practice is located in Conroe, TX. Just south of Conroe is The Woodlands. It is a wonderful township with many high-end shopping destinations, restaurants, and plastic surgeons. Occasionally patients equate a luxuriant office building and an opulent waiting room with better service. They think that if a surgeon has a hotel lobby atmosphere in their waiting room or that they are in a big city then they must logically be a better surgeon.

This is not true.

Many patients have seen through this facade and realized that they are paying for the decor of the doctor’s office and not the skill of the surgeon. Most patients bypass the trappings of an overly lavishly appointed office for the small town personalized care that they receive in my practice. Being a plastic surgeon in a small community such as Conroe, is dependent on my reputation with the public and my peers, not advertising. Word of mouth is powerful. Talk to nurses, surgical techs, or your primary care physician and ask them who they recommend, before you choose a plastic surgeon.