How Much Does Botox Cost?

April 19th, 2016

how-much-does-botox-costThat’s it! You’re tired of cringing at the sight of those facial wrinkles, and you’re finally going to do something about it. You don’t like the idea of cosmetic surgery, but Botox isn’t surgery after all – just a few injections that are over in a matter of minutes. Plus, you’ve heard about how safe it is in the news, and even seen some of your own friends have it done with good effect.

You set about looking for a treatment provider but quickly become overwhelmed with the myriad of options available: plastic surgeons, medical spas, maybe even some general practitioners advertising low cost Botox treatments. Then you realize, you have no idea how much Botox should cost, so reluctantly, you settle in to the arduous task of comparing your choices.

Botox By The Numbers

So how much should you pay when getting Botox? The Woodlands expert Dr. Wesley T. Myers believes the cost should be based on the number of units of product actually required to get the job done, as opposed to others who charge per area treated. The cost per unit is just $10, so the real question is, how many units are required for typical treatment areas?

One common scenario is the use of Botox to treat the brow, forehead, and crow’s feet at the outer eyes. In a typical case, Dr. Myers can accomplish treatment of these areas with only 70 units of Botox, costing a mere $700 for results that last around 4 months. Be aware, though, that the number of units needed can vary widely from person to person and depend on the areas treated. This is because Dr. Myers understands that everyone’s facial structure is unique and he crafts his approach to perfectly suit the needs of the individual.

You Get What You Pay For

Although other providers advertise lower prices for Botox treatments, you may end up actually paying more and receiving lesser quality results. In the case of a medical spa, you’re actually paying for the person doing the injection, a medical director to sign off on the treatment, the product itself, plus whatever profit margin they’ve built in. Because the people performing injections generally lack expert knowledge of facial anatomy, treatment may require a greater number of units to achieve results.

When being treated by someone other than an experienced plastic surgeon, you also run the risk of less-than-ideal results. If too much Botox is injected, or if it is not injected precisely, the Botox can inadvertently spread to other areas, causing paralysis in facial muscles beyond those targeted. If you’re considering Botox, you owe it to yourself to seek an expert – contact Dr. Myers today.

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