How to Get Rid of the “Angry Look” on my Face?

December 2nd, 2016

botoxangryfaceEveryone has a resting face when they are not actively paying attention to their facial expressions. Whether you are at the office at work, mid-thought in the middle of talking, or zoning off into the distance; your face has a candid resting position. For some women and men, that facial expression can come off as sad or spaced out. Sometimes, the face can appear as simply blank with no facial expression at all. However, for a lot of patients, that resting position can sometimes come off as angry and mean, giving off an unwanted physical appearance.

What is Resting Angry Face?

People who suffer from having a face that comes off as mean looking typically have certain facial features that prompt this look. Some characteristics for “mean” faces include thin lips, beady and small eyes, high-arched eyebrows, deep folds and lines between the eyes, and lines around your mouth. Unfortunately for these people, sometimes facial lines or some of these features can cause them to look like they’re scowling, bored, or unapproachable. For people who identify with this type of resting face, it can be quite upsetting for them. Unintentionally, these patients are giving off an energy that makes it seem like they’re angry or mad when in fact they aren’t feeling any of those emotions. It can affect personal relationships, overall impressions, and ultimately create an unhappy lifestyle.

However, there is a solution to fix this judgmental look. At Myers Plastic Surgery, we suggest Botox injections in the Woodlands to combat this issue. If you have this problem, you may feel that this is how your face is meant to look and that there’s no hope to change it. However, Botox injections in the Woodlands is actually a perfect solution for you. Just because you have facial features that make you appear somewhat unfriendly, it doesn’t mean that you have to live like that forever!

What Can Botox Do?

Botox injections in the Woodlands is a way for many patients to change the way their face looks. For people who have these harsh lines on their face, it can cause them to seem unapproachable in life causing personal issues. This treatment is recommended for patients because it can help smooth out your face, leaving a softer appearance. If you talk with Dr. Myers about your resting face problem and tell him that you would like to appear more approachable and friendlier, he can help choose areas of your face to smooth out to have that type of problem. It may not seem like a big deal, but this could drastically change and improve things in your personal life. Looking friendly is definitely a plus in today’s world. So if you are tired of people asking you all the time why you are so angry and upset, Botox injections in the Woodlands might just be the perfect solution for you.

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