How Will Weight Gain Affect the Results of My Tummy Tuck?

July 3rd, 2017

the woodlands tummy tuckAfter getting a tummy tuck, it’s natural to have some weight loss. Because tummy tucks focus on removing unnecessary fat from your stomach, you’ll see sculpted results and may also shed a couple of pounds from the surgery. At Myers Plastic Surgery, Dr. Myers offers tummy tucks for patients seeking a slimmer figure. Whether it’s to get rid of unnecessary skin or some extra fat, a tummy tuck can help change your overall appearance in a positive way.

Although the point of getting this surgery is to improve your physique, patients in The Woodlands are often concerned about weight gain after getting a tummy tuck. Because you typically lose weight from the procedure, it’s natural to worry about what could happen to your tummy if you gained a couple of pounds. At Myers Plastic Surgery, we looked into how weight gain can affect you after receiving a tummy tuck.

Swelling After Surgery

When Woodlands patients initially get a tummy tuck, it’s normal to have a bit of swelling as part of the recovery. Typically, it is not a significant amount of swelling, and it should not affect your weight drastically. Your weight will fluctuate a bit after the surgery, which is normal for patients in The Woodlands. Once you have fully recovered, your swelling will be gone, and your results will be very clear. Recovery time varies for patients, but typically patients can return to normal exercise (including abdominal exercise) after six weeks. After two months, you will be able to see the results of your tummy tuck and how they will look in the future.

What Weight Gain Can Do

If you gain weight after your surgery, it can affect your results a bit. It’s recommended that after you receive a tummy tuck that you try to maintain that same weight to keep your desired results. It’s not uncommon for Woodlands residents to have fluctuation in their weight. Depending on your frame, genetics, and your diet; your weight gain will vary. If you do gain a significant amount of weight, it is likely that your skin and tissue around that area will start to stretch again as before. It’s likely that your stomach will go back to a rounder, flabby form instead of the lean results you achieved after your surgery.

How To Make Your Tummy Tuck Last

At Myers Plastic Surgery, we recommend trying to maintain a stable weight after surgery. For Woodlands patients, a balanced diet and normal exercise should do the trick. It’s important to keep yourself in good shape to maintain the results that you achieve in the surgery. Tummy tucks are meant to help people who have stubborn fat deposits in the area around their belly. After having contoured the belly area, patients need to take care of themselves and live a healthy lifestyle because it’s possible that your belly will stretch out again if there is weight gain.

For more information on how weight gain affects tummy tucks, contact Dr. Myers today at Myers Plastic Surgery.