Is it Possible that with Age My Nose has Grown Larger?

June 18th, 2018

the woodlands rhinoplasty If you looked at anyone’s baby picture taken 60 years ago and compared it to their face today you certainly wouldn’t see a perfect little up-turned nose in their current photo – just the idea sounds silly. Some residents in The Woodlands may have started wondering if, in fact, their nose has grown larger over the years. If you think your nose is getting larger, you are correct, but for reasons, you may not be aware of.

Why Does My Nose Look Larger?

Let’s take a look at why your once perky, straight nose has begun to lose its shape. As you age, your nose follows suit. Your nasal skin starts to lose its elasticity, and the ligaments and structures that hold the tip of your nose up begin to weaken. Then gravity – the enemy of youth, slowly pulls the tip of the nose downward. Some of our patients have so much drooping at the tip that their nose looks “hooked.”

Now, as the tip of your nose droops ( plastic surgeons refer to this occurrence as a ptotic nose) it not only becomes elongated, but it also can cause bony irregularities to become more prominent. This is particularly distressing for rhinoplasty patients in The Woodlands who never have had a bump or other abnormality on the bridge of their noses.

Rhinoplasty Can Restore Facial Harmony

Some of our older rhinoplasty patients choose to have their noses lifted while others want theirs shortened and there are those who need both. Typically a nasal lift is a relatively non-invasive procedure, and no bones are touched. Recovery is faster than that of other rhinoplasty surgeries.

Often residents of The Woodlands who are unhappy with their aging noses choose to have different types of procedures done. You will get to discuss all of your options with Dr. Myers during your consultation. Just like any type of plastic surgery, rhinoplasty patients need to have realistic expectations. This surgery probably won’t make you look that much younger however you will look better. You may also feel better because the tip may even start to narrow which makes it very difficult for our neighbors that live in The Woodlands to breath through their nostrils which is more than just an aesthetic concern.


Older patients in The Woodlands who want to bring aesthetic balance back to their faces need to be aware of potential risks. Although the chances are slight, rhinoplasty surgery is invasive to some degree or another, and there are a number of things we consider before determining if you are a good candidate for surgery.

Learn More About Rhinoplasty

If you have noticed your nose becoming larger, you are not imaging things. We have only touched on a few aspects of how rhinoplasty can help alter the appearance of your aging nose. If you’re interested in learning more, we invite you to give us a call at (936) 539-8115 today to set up a consultation with Dr. Myers.