Long Term Benefits of Botox

June 28th, 2018

the woodlands botox If you think you know everything that there is to know about Botox – get ready to learn some exciting news about this incredible product! For many years millions of Americans have chosen Botox injections to smooth out their unwanted wrinkles because it’s been proven to work brilliantly. Patients in The Woodlands who want to regain and/or maintain the glow of youth without having to undergo invasive surgery, such as a facelift, might already know about the kind of incredible results Botox has to offer. But research is now showing that what was once considered to be a temporary solution may provide amazing long-term rejuvenating effects.

The Reason for the Wrinkles

There are essentially two factors that work concurrently to create wrinkles. The first one is obvious – the aging process. Wrinkles are a result of repeated facial expressions. Our emotions are a delightful part of life, but our skin remembers every little smile and frown. Each day we make hundreds of facial expressions which over the years create a pattern of well-worn grooves and creases on our faces. Even if we tried to control the muscles in our faces, it would be next to impossible.

The other reason that residents of The Woodlands start to see wrinkles on their faces becoming deeper and more noticeable is that with age our skin begins to lose two vital proteins that contribute to youthful skin called elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen both aid in our skins ability to remain firm and flexible. But without a good supply of  “E and C,” skin that was once youthful looking will begin to sag and droop.

Heres Where it Gets Interesting

There is new evidence that Botox treatments may promote the production of collagen and elastin that patients in The Woodlands have lost as they’ve aged. Another possible reason that doctors think that Botox may produce long-term benefits is that it may have an antioxidant effect on skin tissue. It is thought that when facial muscles move toxins cause some degree of damage to the skin’s elastin and collagen. By paralyzing facial muscles, Botox allows your skin time to rest, allowing collagen and elastin a chance to recover and relax back into place. Although doctors are still learning precisely how Botox works to produce long-term results for the age-old problem of wrinkled skin they are making important discoveries every day about how and why Botox treatments work.

Keeping it Simple

What started out as a fast and easy in-office treatment still takes only a few minutes out of your busy day is just as simple as ever – the only change is that you may be tapping into the fountain of youth! A brilliantly simple side-effect for our neighbors in The Woodlands.

The field of cosmetic injectables is constantly evolving and finding new ways to help you look and feel your absolute best. If we’ve sparked your interest and you’d like to learn more about how Botox can keep you looking beautiful for a long time, give our knowledgeable staff a call today at ou offices in the The Woodlands area (936) 539-8115.