Showering After Botox

October 28th, 2015

shower-after-botoxMany patients in The Woodlands and Conroe want to know whether they can shower or bathe after Botox. Although the procedure is just a few minutes long, you will take some time to recover after treatment for it to work best. Far from drastically changing your routine, there are a few simple things to remember.

What Happens If I Shower After Botox?

Showering after Botox is perfectly fine. It’s the temperature of the water that can negatively affect your results. Hot showers are completely out of the question after the procedure. The heat from a shower increases blood flow to your face and causes the Botox to shift, leaving you with unnatural results. A few other things to avoid after a Botox injection are:

  • Soaking in a hot tub.
  • Sitting in a steam shower.
  • Cleansing your face with hot water.

 Like a hot shower, steam and heat rise up and can make Botox shift location, leaving you with results you won’t like.

How Long Do I Need to Avoid Hot Showers?

The first 24 hours after Botox are the most important. During this time, the Botox can shift and resettle in a different location. Luckily, this only lasts for a day and you will be able to take hot showers the day after your Botox treatment. You should also wait at least one day to get a massage, facial, or any other spa service to avoid Botox shifting and more discomfort from swelling.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse My Skin?

To prevent swelling, be gentle to your skin. You can wash your face following Botox, but you should:

  • Keep pressure light to avoid swelling.
  • Only use cool or lukewarm water to prevent shifting.
  • Give your skin time to rest, if possible.

This will keep you comfortable and help you get the best results from treatment. Once the first day is over, you go back to your skin care normal routine.

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