What Shape, Size, Surface Texturing, Incision Site, and Placement Site is Recommended for Me?

July 30th, 2018

the woodlands breast augmentation Choosing to have breast enlargement surgery is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Patients in The Woodlands who work closely with their plastic surgeon planning every detail of their surgery can be sure they’ll be delighted with their results.

Determining the Details

No two The Woodlands patients are alike; each woman’s anatomy, hopes, and reasons for wanting breast enlargement surgery differ. During your appointment with Dr. Myers, he will discuss the various details of your breast enlargement surgery including what shape, size, texture, incision site and placement sites that he would recommend for you based on your height, weight, skin looseness, and chest measurements. When envisioning the outcome, every detail must be meticulously planned.


What implant shape you choose will significantly affect your results, and there are two very different options. The first is the teardrop – or contoured shaped implant. Teardrop breast implants offer more projection by volume than round shaped implants and are an ideal choice for women in The Woodlands who prefer their breasts have a more natural appearance that slopes gently away from the chest as opposed to round implants that offer more fullness on top. Round implants tend to have an artificial appearance and are perfect for women who want a lot of cleavage.


Most The Woodlands breast enlargement patients are primarily concerned with what size their new breasts will be. Dr. Myers offers sizers that you can try on to get a better idea of what you are comfortable with. When advising patients about what size he would recommend, Dr. Myers factors in your activity level as well as the other details mentioned above. Something that patients should take into consideration is the more volume the implants have, the heavier they will be.

Surface Texturing

There are two different types of surface textures. Textured implants are the only option available for The Woodlands women who choose teardrop shaped implants. Both round and teardrop shaped implants have a small risk of rotation, but because teardrop shaped breast implants are not symmetrical, they require a textured surface. It is recommended that women who choose round breast implants consult with their doctor when making a choice between smooth and textured surfaces, being that both are options with round implants.

Incision Site

Dr. Myers will recommend one of 3 incision sites. The first of which is located under the breast fold, in the crease, where it is well-hidden. Another possible incision site is around the lower part of the areola and is an inconspicuous way to disguise the small scar. The third option he may suggest is located in the armpit area. Generally, the closer the incision is to the breast the more likely it is that the outcome will be symmetrical.

Placement Site                                                                                                             

Breast enlargement patients can choose whether to have their breast implants placed over or under the pectoralis major muscle. However, it is usually recommended that patients have their breast implants placed under the muscle because the risk of capsular contraction (scarring that forms around the implant) is much more likely if the implants are over the muscle.

Guiding You in the Right Direction

With Dr. Myers guidance you can design the breasts of your dreams. His goal as a surgeon is to create results that meet your expectations while making sure you are properly informed. Your health and safety are his number one priority. To get started on your journey call our office today at (936) 539-8115 to schedule your appointment.