Will Rhinoplasty Reshape My Nostrils?

June 17th, 2016

rhinoplasty-reshape-nostrilsWhile considering a rhinoplasty procedure, the shape of your “new nose” is likely your primary concern. As you discuss your surgery with your doctor, you may wonder if the shape of your nose will include the reshaping of your nostrils. Whether your nostrils are too wide, narrow, or there is extra skin or indentations, etc., this should all be addressed during your appointment.

What if my Nostrils are Too Wide?

If the look of your nostrils is wide or flared, this likely contributes to your desire for surgery. The Woodlands rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Myers, is board-certified and has extensive experience in the artistry of reshaping wide and flared nostrils.

There are a few methods Dr. Myers can use to cause your nostrils to lose the flared look. The main issue is that the nostril opening is more horizontal than vertical. To correct this, the doctor can remove tissue from the rear part of the nostril or from the nasal floor. Other methods can include a suture below the nose to bring the nostrils closer to the center, or removing the attachment of the nostrils from the cartilage to bring the nostrils inward.

Correcting Nostrils that are Too Narrow

If your nostrils are too narrow a strut can be placed in your nostrils to widen their opening. This is placed along the edge of the nostril and is a cartilage type material. This will help improve the appearance of the nostrils. The doctor will be able to carefully place the struts to make sure your nostrils are even and “match” each other.

If you have breathing issues because of your narrow nostrils, the opening of your nostrils will need to be widened with the surgical movement of some tissue on the side of your nostril.

Extra Tissue, Notches and Retractions on Nostrils

Your nostrils may also have extra skin, notches, or retractions. All of these can take away from the aesthetic of your nose and entire face. Your eye may be drawn straight to these imperfections whenever you look in the mirror.

If you have a notch or retraction, skin from within your nose can be moved and rotated to correct the issue. The doctor may also use a cartilage graft to maintain the most stability. The Woodlands rhinoplasty patients with more severe cases may need a skin and cartilage graft from the ear to correct the issue.

If you have extra tissue on your nostrils, this skin can simply be pulled into the nose and trimmed.

Contact The Woodlands rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Wesley T. Myers, to book an appointment about your procedure today.