Will Rhinoplasty Change The Width Of My Nose?

June 9th, 2016

will-rhinoplasty-change-the-width-of-my-noseThe Woodlands Rhinoplasty patients come to Dr. Myers with a number of different concerns during their initial consultations. Some patients wish to correct a dorsal hump or bulbous tip, some wish to treat a twisted nose or breathing problems. And of course, many wish to change the width of their nose during the procedure.

The width of the nose can be changed with rhinoplasty. Dr. Myers will discuss your options and how much of a change can be made based on your unique features.

Decreasing the Width of your Nose

A very common complaint about the appearance of the nose is that it is too wide. You may feel that you also need to address other issues, such as the nose being too flat and too wide – all of this can be corrected with rhinoplasty.

To decrease the width of your nose, Dr. Myers will trim excess cartilage or shave down excess bone as needed. Incisions are made inside the nostrils to hide evidence of surgery (scars). It is important to remember that although the width of your nose can be decreased, there is generally a limit to how much bone or cartilage can be removed. The doctor will discuss your skin type and internal nose structure to help you understand the expected results based on your concerns and desired changes.

Increasing the Width of your Nose

If you feel that your nose appears too narrow, or does not look as full as you would like, Dr. Myers can increase the width of your nose through rhinoplasty. People who have a narrow bridge of the nose or pointed tip of the nose often request a widening of the nose during the surgical consultation.

To perform the procedure, the doctor will use donor cartilage – most likely from your septum. He will graft the cartilage with your existing cartilage in the nose to create the width you desire. As with any procedure, it will be important to consider how much skin is available to cover the area, and your unique features when deciding how much wider your nose should be.

Enhancing the Balance of your Face

Overall, the goal of rhinoplasty is to consider your other facial features and how your nose could change to further enhance your appearance. The Woodlands rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Wesley T. Myers, will artistically apply his experience to make your nose appear just right for your unique features.

There is no “one size fits all” “new nose” approach to rhinoplasty with Dr. Myers. You can expect that everything from your consultation to your post-surgical care will be catered specifically to you and your desired results.

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