Does Liposuction Produce Visible Scars?

October 5th, 2018

The Woodlands LiposuctionOne of the common concerns many patients in The Woodlands have about liposuction is whether the procedure will come with any consequences. The truth is liposuction has been a reliable procedure for many years and has produced phenomenal results for patients. As with any surgical procedure requiring an incision, scarring can occur. However, since the incisions are very minimal due to the nature of the procedure, potential scarring is minimal as well.

Dr. Myers always has his patient’s best interests in mind any time he performs a procedure. He never makes incisions larger than what is needed to work safely, and always considers the result throughout the process. It’s only natural for people in The Woodlands to be concerned about scarring after liposuction, but here are some of the truths about it.

Very Minimal Scarring Can Occur

With advanced technology today, very small incisions are required to perform liposuction. So if any scarring occurs, as a result, it will be very minimal as well. And the good news is the scars will fade away over the course of a few years or even months in some cases. If larger incisions are required, Dr. Myers will inform his patients in The Woodlands, so they have the proper expectations before starting the procedure. Dr. Myers will also strategically perform the procedure in a location where the potentially scarring will be hidden or invisible to give his patients the best results.

Pigmentation Differences

Some patients may experience some pigmentation differences at the site of the incision. If patients have naturally darker skin, it’s possible the skin’s pigmentation will get even darker at the incision site. This is a natural part of the process and nothing to be concerned about at all. In fact, when Dr. Myers performs liposuction, even patients with darker skin will rarely notice any pigmentation differences due to his years of experience performing the procedure.

Choose the Best Cosmetic Surgeon for Ideal Results

When patients in The Woodlands choose Dr. Myers for their liposuction procedure, their results will be much more desirable. Many times the severity of the potential scarring depends solely on the plastic surgeon performing the procedure. Dr. Myers always makes the smallest incisions possible and in a location where any potential scarring will not be visible. He understands every patient wants to experience the best results possible without having to deal with the unsightly consequences, so he works to ensure that’s not an issue.

Myers Plastic Surgery is here to answer any questions or alleviate any concerns patients in The Woodlands may have about liposuction. There are many different myths and misconceptions on the Internet about the procedure, but it’s important to get the facts from a reputable cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Myers. We are always willing to explain the process in detail to our patients, so there are no surprises.

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