How Can Breast Enlargement Improve Disproportionate Shape and Size of Breasts?

March 5th, 2019

Model Holding Ponytail With HandAll women in The Woodlands naturally have asymmetrical breasts. It’s just a fact of life, similar to how one of your feet usually fits into a pair of shoes better than the other foot. But if you have noticeably asymmetrical breasts or breasts that are of different shapes, it can be a condition that makes you uncomfortable. Many women with this condition actually choose a breast enlargement surgery, not always to go bigger altogether, but to even out the size of their uneven breasts.

Breast Enlargement Surgery Works Because You Can Use Different Sized Implants in Each Breast

When it comes to women in The Woodlands getting breast augmentations, there’s no rule that says they need to use the exact same size of breast implants in each breast. Oftentimes to correct breasts that are of different sizes, Dr. Myers will use different sized breast implants in each breast, which provide a more symmetrical, even looking result after surgical swelling has reduced. This can make you feel more comfortable in tight clothing, not to mention allow you to fill out bras and bikini tops better.

Breast Implants Come in Different Shapes

Most women who choose Dr. Myers as their plastic surgeon choose silicone breast implants. These types of implants come in two different sizes – round and teardrop. Teardrop implants are smaller at the top, and larger at the bottom, often providing a more natural looking appearance. If your breasts are of different shapes, choosing the correct breast implant for each breast for your breast enhancement surgery can make all the difference in providing you with natural-looking results that you’ll love.

Periareolar or Inframammary Breast Implant Incisions Make Providing Symmetry More Easy

The Woodlands women should know that there are four breast enlargement incision types:

  • Trans-umbilical (through the belly button)
  • Trans-axillary (under the armpit)
  • Periareolar (an incision made around the nipple)
  • Inframammary (an incision made in the breast fold, where the breast meets the ribcage)

The latter two breast enlargement incision types allow Dr. Myers to provide The Woodlands patients with the best possible breast symmetry. The reason? When plastic surgeons are inserting breast implants at the actual breast site, it allows them to more easily ensure that the implants look even – both shape and size wise. If you are desiring a breast augmentation due to naturally uneven or misshapen breasts, consider talking to Dr. Myers about whether a periareolar or inframammary incision is right for you.

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Whether you feel like you have to hide in loose t-shirts, can’t find a bra that fits, or don’t dare to wear a bathing suit much less a bikini top, having breasts that are misshapen or uneven in size can cause huge problems, both cosmetically and functionally. But women in The Woodlands should know that breast enlargement surgery can correct these issues.

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