How Long After Botox Can I Bend Over?

December 26th, 2017

the woodlands botox It isn’t always about doing something that can speed up your results, but NOT doing certain activities which can slow down or alter the outcome.

Millions of people a year have Botox injections because it is a non-invasive, relatively inexpensive procedure that requires minimal downtime. Dr. Myers treats patients in The Woodlands who want a fresher, smoother, more natural appearance without having to undergo the so called “nip-tuck.” But when it comes to aftercare instructions, some people disregard what might seem unnecessary to them.

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

There are some things we do every day that are so routine; we just do them automatically. When we see that little tail wagging and bend over to give our dog some attention after not seeing him for a while, or pick up the keys that slipped out of our hand accidentally, we don’t even realize it. But after you see Dr. Myers in The Woodlands for Botox treatment, it is important that you follow special instructions. One of which is waiting 4 hours before bending over, even for a few seconds. That’s a small price to pay considering the potential consequences.

What Could Go Wrong

Most of the The Woodlands patients that Dr. Myers treats already know the basics about what Botox is and how it works. Our patient’s primary focus is on how fantastic they’re going to look, and the little details can get pushed to the back of their minds. Fortunately, Dr. Myers takes every single aspect of your health and well being into account before, during, and after you work with him. He knows that what a patient does immediately following their procedure is of great importance and needs to be emphasized for the best possible outcome. The reason that keeping your head above your heart is so crucial right after undergoing your Botox treatment is that bending forward may increase blood circulation to your face and increase the risk that the injected material will move from the targeted areas before it is absorbed. This may also lead to dilution of the Botox and possibly shift it to undesirable locations of your face. Now, this may sound rather frightening, but we believe that our patients in The Woodlands deserve to have all the information available so that they can achieve their desired results.

Prepare in Advance

Planning is a terrific way to avoid bending over for those first few hours. Have a few meals prepared and get all of the housework done ahead of time. If you have a pet, make sure they have food and water. If you have little children, having someone around to help them is probably not a bad idea. Tiny shoes with tiny shoestrings – you get the picture. Don’t lie down, but relax in a comfortable chair and imagine how great it will be to look in the mirror and like what you see.

Enjoy the moment because this is your time to shine!

At Myers Plastic Surgery we offer our The Woodlands patients a professional, discrete experience so give us a call at (936)539-8115 today and don’t give one more little wrinkle a chance to show up on your face.