Recommended Time Before Having Sex After Tummy Tuck Surgery

January 25th, 2018

the woodlands tummy tuck Let’s say you just bought a brand new car; you would jump in, hit the gas and go! Right? You wouldn’t think twice about it. The reason that this is an obviously ridiculous comparison to a tummy tuck is that you would never go straight home after having an invasive surgical procedure and have sex. Even when you have the flu, you rest and take it easy. The fact is that your body is extremely delicate and requires more time to heal after a tummy tuck surgery than any other type of plastic surgery. Dr. Myers assures his patients in The Woodlands during their appointment that they can get back to their normal routine, including sexual activity, within a few months following their tummy tuck surgery.

Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

You may have read that a tummy tuck surgery requires a while to recover, but then you just skipped ahead to the good part – the fabulous final results. At Myers Plastic Surgery we want you to enjoy all of the benefits of your tummy tuck, but our top priority is your safety and well-being. Why wait more than a few days? Well, right after your tummy tuck; you can expect to feel very tired and sore. Your abdomen will be swollen and feel numb for a month or longer – standing upright will take some time too. None of this sounds pleasurable or even remotely conducive to making love, does it?  Your partner may become frustrated after a few weeks, but taking the time to allow your incision to heal properly will pay off for the both of you. When you finally do get the go-ahead from Dr. Myers, you can bet that your sex life will be incredible. Don’t think we forgot about our patients in The Woodlands who are single. Your flatter, sexier belly will turn up the heat in your sex life also, but you are not exempt from any of the recommendations discussed above. You may have well-meaning friends that will try to convince you that waiting a few months before having sex after a tummy tuck is unnecessary. But unless they are doctors, you would be wise to politely dismiss their advice.

The Bottom Line

Tummy tuck surgery is a serious surgical procedure, and it is important that you adhere to Dr. Myers recommendations before and after surgery. We know that for many The Woodlands women it is tough to take time for themselves, but in this circumstance, it is necessary to make your health your number one priority. There are many romantic encounters to look forward to, but the bottom line is that recovery must come first. You will have plenty of extra time on your hands for a while, so why not use your energy planning exciting adventures. Have some fun ordering some sexy new lingerie online, or be creative and plan new ways to spice up your sex life.

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