The Top 5 Myths of Breast Enlargement Surgery Debunked

November 2nd, 2018

Breast Enlargement The WoodlandsWomen in The Woodlands who are thinking about getting breast enlargement surgery soon have likely done their own research. Any time people go through a surgical procedure, they want to know exactly what to expect throughout the process. However, the downfall of doing online research is it’s difficult to separate the facts from the myths. That’s why it’s important to talk to a trusted cosmetic surgeon prior to the breast enlargement procedure to get all your questions answered and debunk any common myths. Here are the top five myths we’ve heard about breast enlargement surgery and why patients in The Woodlands shouldn’t believe them.

Enlarged Breasts Look Fake

This may have been true several decades ago. However, the trend today is for breast enlargement surgery to create the most natural results possible. Dr. Myers so will make suggestions based on the person’s body type to ensure the results are proportional. The expertise of Dr. Myers is the difference in the new breasts looking fake or natural.

Breast Implants Must Be Replaced

The consensus about breast enlargement surgery is breast implants will need to be replaced after about ten years. However, it’s entirely possible that they last much longer than this. Some patients in The Woodlands may be pleased with their breast enlargement for the rest of their life. If the patient takes care of the implants and they are generally happy with them, then there’s no rule stating they must be replaced.

Final Results Are Instantaneous

A patient’s breasts will typically sit a little higher on the chest the first few days after breast enlargement surgery. After these few days or weeks, the implants will settle a little lower on the chest and rest into their final position. It’s important to have some patience with breast enlargement surgery, as the final results may not be evident for up to a month or more after the procedure is complete.

Some Implants Can Be Dangerous

Breast implants may have received a bad name many decades ago, but technology has evolved so much over the years that now they are completely safe. An extremely small percentage of patients in The Woodlands experience any complications following breast enlargement surgery. Since the implants are manufactured to be stronger and more durable than ever before, the chances of them rupturing are minimal.

The Recovery Timeline Is Lengthy

While the recovery timeline can differ among patients in The Woodlands, most patients feel back to normal within two weeks of their breast enlargement surgery. Dr. Myers still usually suggests keeping strenuous activities to a minimum for at least a few weeks, but patients can usually return to work after a couple of weeks.

Myers Plastic Surgery has heard virtually every myth ever told about breast enlargement surgery. We want our patients to know we will always be honest and upfront throughout the process to ensure they are comfortable and confident, at all times.

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