Will Liposuction Reduce My Dress Size?

June 3rd, 2016

will-liposuction-reduce-my-dress-sizeWe know that the fit of your clothing is important to you. No one wants to feel like her clothes “barely fit”. Even the most fit and trim person can retain some hard to lose areas of fatty tissue regardless of diet and exercise. Liposuction is one way you can fine tune the shape of your body, and feel better in your entire wardrobe.

Better Fit vs. Smaller Size

While it is possible to reduce your dress size after liposuction, it is more likely to make your current size fit better. If you are close to being in the next dress size down, it is absolutely possible to fit into that size after your procedure. Since liposuction is more about sculpting a few areas of stubborn fat, The Woodlands liposuction patients often find that their current wardrobe falls better on their frame.

This means that in form-fitting clothing you can have a more sleek and slender appearance. After the reshaping and contouring of your body with liposuction, you will be able to wear some styles you may not have felt comfortable in previously. These are the types of results you can expect with how your dresses and clothing fit after liposuction.

Target Areas for The Woodlands Liposuction Patients

While there are several areas of the body you can treat with liposuction, there are some target areas that will be most effective in improving the fit of your wardrobe.

  • Arms – Many women experience difficulty fitting into clothes if they have stubborn fat on their arms. While a dress or shirt will fit perfectly in all other areas, the arms may be tight and uncomfortable. Liposuction on the arms can improve the fit of your favorite garments.
  • Thighs – There are several styles of clothing that could accentuate your thighs, or which your thighs can make fit difficult. Miniskirts, form-fitting dresses and pants, and shorts can all fit better after contouring your thighs with liposuction.
  • Hips and Abdomen – The hip (love handles) and abdomen areas are definitely one of the most popular areas for treatment. Virtually every type of apparel can fit better after body contouring with liposuction. Shirts, dresses, pants, shorts, and bathing suits can all look and feel better after your procedure.

The Woodlands liposuction expert, Dr. Wesley T. Myers, understands how to help you reach your desired goals with your procedure. He will consult with you and answer all your questions about how you want to look and feel after treatment.

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