Usually, by the time people who live in The Woodlands begin to consider Botox as a means of stopping the progression of existing wrinkles they’ve already accumulated many years worth of lines on their faces. And, although Botox does temporarily improve the look of the wrinkles they already have, it can’t erase them. But today […]

There is so much discussion these days about dermal fillers, and how they compare with Botox. Patients in The Woodlands assume that not only are they similar, but they also work the same way. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we are going to explain why dermal fillers are not an option at […]

Do you ever hear anyone complaining that their feet look old? There probably are people who don’t like how their feet look, but nobody ever looks at someone’s feet and thinks “Wow, their face and neck look great, but those feet look ancient!” Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Of course, everyone has specific age-related problem areas that are particularly bothersome to them, but your neck is the first place where the ruthless effects of the aging process begin to reveal themselves.

How Can Exercise Possibly Be Bad for Me? We all fall somewhere between mildly active and full-throttle body athlete. There are those that never skip a day at the gym  – no matter what – that may be wondering, “Can’t I get in a quick jog or spin class after my Botox injections?” For people […]

Have you been avoiding group pictures? Or trying to get the right angle or lighting for a selfie – but have realized that there just really isn’t one? These little frustrations add up and are probably just a small fraction of why you are considering Botox. Both men and women alike are unhappy with how […]